Nerd Camp 2017 Authors and Illustrators

Below you will find the list of authors and illustrators that are attending Nerd Camp this coming summer. Each creator will be attending both days of camp, as well as Nerd Camp Junior.

You can find out more information about camp by clicking on our logo below.


last final for realz nerd camp logo

Logo created by Laurie Keller


Julia Kuo

Erin Soderberg

Gae Polisner

Ryan T. Higgins

Shelley Johannes


Alex Gino

Laurie Keller

Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Jack Gantos

Caroline Starr Rose

Kristin Tubb

Laura Shovan

Molly Burnham

Erica Perl

Mike Lowery

Elana K. Arnold

Karuna Riazi

Jess Keating

Helen Frost

Deborah Freedman

Denise Flemming

Jerzy Drozd

Lauren Castillo

Barbara Dee

John David Anderson

Ammi Joan-Paquette

Elaine Vickers

Nora Baskin


Tracey Baptiste

Alan Katz

Anica Rissi


Shannon and Dean Hale

Lisa Mcmann

Lauren Eldridge

Dev Petty


Jenn Bishop

Sarah Albee

Donna Gephart

Melanie Conklin

Ruth McNally Barshaw

Abby Cooper

Jacqueline Davies

Larry Day

Kirby Larson

Daniel Nayeri

Carter Higgins

Aaron Zenz

Josh Funk

Liesl Shurtliff


Laurel Snyder

Debbie Ohi

Juana Medina

Ruth Spiro

Brooks Benjamin

Pat Zietlow Miller

Elly Swartz

Rick Lieder

Miriam Busch


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