Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen Talk About Working Together

I had a blast hanging out with friends at #NCTE17. The sessions were amazing, the conversations between sessions were fantastic, and the fellowship was inspiring. I was able to sneak in a few interviews for my “One Question With Mr. Sharp” series. The first one that I’ll share with you features Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen. I had a blast hanging out with these two guys. I hope you enjoy the video. Please be sure to answer their question at the end in the comments.

Video below.

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2 thoughts on “Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen Talk About Working Together

  1. Hi guys! Fun interview.

    Question 1: A hay bailer. Have you ever been in a big open field full of hay bails and an 8 foot tall, mechanical, spidery, hay bailer? I have, and was terrified. But my 1-year-old son wasn’t. Maybe no one else would have been.
    Question 2: Apples and oranges, gentlemen. Apples and oranges.


  2. What a great series — I love “One Question.”

    First, though, while I think about my answer, I really appreciated what you said about becoming comfortable with talking with each other, AND being okay with not making all of the decisions. These tips are important for us to share with kids who want to collaborate. Thanks!

    One Question Answers
    1. I’m afraid that my toothbrush will be contaminated by gross stuff, so I hide it. When I travel, I hide it. At home, I hide it. I keep my toothbrush in a top secret location in order for it to remain decontaminated. I’m pretty sure I might be the only one with this particular fear.

    2. Blue corduroy is one of those things anyone can wear well. πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the video!

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