nErD Camp Battle Creek

On July 11th the first annual Nerd Camp will take place in Battle Creek, Michigan. Book lovers from all over the country will join forces to share, learn, and grow together.

I could not be more excited. I’ll be sharing more about Nerd Camp on the Nerdy Book Club blog at the end of May. My mind still needs time to process the the potential that this event holds.

Today, I am super excited to reveal the official Nerd Camp logo. The logo was designed by illustrator John Green. You are probably familiar with John’s work illustrating Teen Boat!

I only gave John three pieces of information before he disigned this AMAZING logo.

1. Our event is called nErD Camp

2. Battle Creek is the cereal city

3. I showed him the offical Ed Camp logo

Somehow John was able to take that information and create this fantastic nErD Camp logo.

Thank you, Mr. Green!


We would love to have you join us for nErD Camp this summer. It is going to be a rocking good time.

Follow @nErDcampBC on Twitter


6 thoughts on “nErD Camp Battle Creek

  1. I can’t imagine how great this will be. Unfortunately, that’s the second day of the fabulous eRevolution in Evansville, IN, where Yong Zhao is speaking. I look forward to following the great things I’m sure you will be posting and sharing that day.


  2. This sounds awesome! I’m going to be in Colorado on vacation then, but next year I would totally plan to be there. I have an RV and travel in the summer so I can go anywhere, I just need to know where and when as soon as possible! Have a great time! I’ll be following you on Twitter!


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