Mock Caldecott

Eighty-eigtht days from now the American Library Association will announce the winner of the 2013 Caldecott Medal. The book will get a shiny sticker to adorn its cover: kids, teachers, and librarians everywhere will have the opportunity to celebrate the power of the picture book.

During the month of November students at Minges Brook Elementary in Battle Creek, MI and students from Brook Forest Elementary in Oak Brook, Illinois will take it upon themselves to crown their own winner.

Students 181 miles apart will work together to select which book they feel meets the requirements the Caldecott Medal considers for picture book excellence.

To see the nominated books head on over to Mr. Schu’s blog.

The mock Caldecott will begin today with a Skype visit between the two classrooms. Mr. Schu’s students will teach my students: what the Caldecott Medal means, how it is selected, and what criteria goes into selecting a winner.


Students will keep track of their reading and rate each book using the website Biblionasium. Mr. Schu and I have created a shelf on the site for students.


Throughout the month of November students will discuss each book using the Edmodo. Mr. Schu has created a discussion thread for each book. I’m very excited to see students push each others thinking.


At the end of December the students will come back together via Skype to host a mini-award show. It will be a great way to celebrate an awesome month celebrating picture books.

I’m excited to read all of the picture books before they announce the “real” winner in January.

I just really want to read Oh, No! It looks awesome.

I want to see if I can read all 20 books. I have already read Boy + Bot.

I’m really excited to read all the books, but I think that voting is going to be hard.

I want to see if we will be able to pick the true winner.

I’m looking forward to voting. I love voting for stuff.

I’m really looking forward to watching the awards in January. It will be fun to see if the books we pick end up winning.


My students and I are extremely excited to have the opportunity to learn and grow with the students of Brook Forest Elementary. I cannot think of a better way to spend the month of November.

Happy reading!


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