Book Trailer Premiere: Robots, Robots, Everywhere! (+ Bonus Interview)

You can’t really go wrong in a picture book that includes robots. I’ve found that my 6,5, and 3 year old at home are mesmerized by robots just as much as my fourth graders. I’m super excited today to share with you a book trailer for my new favorite book that features robots: Robots, Robots, Everywhere! by Sue Fliess.



robots robots

5,4,3,2,1 Interview

Here are the rules:

1. I give the interviewee 5 questions

2. They have to answer

  • 1 question with 5 sentences

  • 1 question with 4 sentences

  • 1 question with 3 sentences

  • 1 question with 2 sentences

  • 1 question with 1 sentence

3.  They get to pick which question which question to answer with each number of sentences

4. Have fun!

1. Can you tell us a little bit about Robots, Robots, Everywhere? (1)

Robots, Robots Everywhere! is a fun, colorful, rhyming look at all the real robots in our world today, from ones up in space, to those beneath the sea.

2. What is your favorite thing about being a writer?  (2)

My favorite thing about being a writer is being able to create stories from ideas in my head, and turning them into stories I can share with readers big and small. I get to write about anything I want to, and not many jobs afford that level of freedom.

4. If you could spend one day inside the world of any book which book would you pick? (3)

I would spend a day in Charlie’s world, of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think it would be humbling, hilarious, intimidating and thrilling, not to mention, delicious—all at once. Plus, it could be fun to put Veruca Salt in her place!

5. What advice do you have for the young writers in my classroom?  (4)

Don’t be afraid to edit or re-write. That’s when your best writing happens! Also, anyone can be a writer—it just takes practice and patience. No one goes to sleep and wakes up as an author, it takes time.

3. What’s the hardest thing about being a writer? (5)

The hardest thing about being a writer is making the time to write every day. Since I’m my own boss, it is up to me whether I carve out time to write or not. And being a mom of two very active elementary school-aged boys and also a writer for a company, it often seems there is no time for my children’s writing at all. But I know that is never an excuse, and that impells me to make the time to write. Even if I only write a sentence a day, it is something…hey, this interview counts!


4 thoughts on “Book Trailer Premiere: Robots, Robots, Everywhere! (+ Bonus Interview)

  1. Robots looks like SUCH a fun book! I’m looking forward to reading it. The trailer is terrific! I enjoyed Sue’s interview answers. As a fellow writer who is also my own boss, I am very familiar with the delicate balancing act that is being a mom, working, and writing!


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