8 thoughts on “Take a Tour of My Classroom Library

  1. Love your organizational strategy for your library! Would you explain the round stickers on the individual books? Thanks! Trying to do some reorganizing in my classroom library.


  2. Love your selection of books Colby. The library looks great and hopefully it will be easy for the kids to maintain because of your thoughtful labeling system. Have a great year!


  3. Looks like an amazing library! I was intrigued by the Science Comics series you mentioned and was wondering if you had any recommendations for other nonfiction graphic novels? I also teach 5th grade, and would love to expand this genre in my library.


  4. Thank ou for posting. You gave me some ideas to organize. How long did it take you to organize and categorize all the books?


  5. Do you teach ELA only? I know you switched to grade 5, just curious as to if you teach one subject or all? It is amazing!


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